Déjà vu©

Déjà vu©
Copyright© 2014
By Felina Silver Robinson

Once too often

I have a sense of having been here before

Starting the day the same way

Visiting the same places

The faces I see are often the same

But the voices are different as are the names

Each conversation from beginning to end

All sound so familiar

I feel as though I’m recycling my life

Spanning over days, years, decades and centuries

I’ve seen myself as a slave

I’ve seen myself dying of hunger in a land so far away that it had no name

I’ve seen men hung for glancing at another man’s wife

I’ve seen the evil of hanging the innocent for fear that they were a witch

I’ve seen men dead in trenches

I’ve been in the bowls of deception

I feel unearthed as if to be sent to begin again elsewhere

To try to get it right this time

Someone out there believes in me

They are trusting that I will in fact succeed

So they send me out once again

To meet a goal that I’m not certain I know

Year’s later, I’m not sure what I’ll say

But I’m certain, it will feel just like yesterday

My only hope is that I will somehow still

Get to see you and that you will remember me

Déjà vu

Déjà vu, from the French, literally means “already seen”,
is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced
has been experienced in the past,
whether it has actually happened or not.

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