A Walk In The Park©

A Walk In The Park©

Copyright© 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

We pack everyone into the car

Armed with bug spray and sunscreen

Anxious to get where we’re going

Who would have thought a car full of teenagers

Would find excitement in going to view nature at an arboretum?

We arrive at the gate


Are quickly overwhelmed

By the amazing beauty that surrounds us

Which gives us the desire to run inside to quickly take it all in

Families and friends cheerfully surround us

Smiling and laughing as they greet every passerby

The warmth isn’t just found in the temperature of the day

Squirrels, bunnies, chipmunks, and  birds scurry all about

As if right out of a movie

We finally focus on the natural beauty of the place that we are in

We spot some trees hundreds of years old

Flawless flowers never seen by the likes of me

Tree stumps so big they could house a small family

We come upon a beautiful arch

and of course have to take a moment

To pause for a family photo

To commemorate our time together

We spy a beautiful pond with lily pads and frogs to boot

We limit our walk to 3 1/2 miles

Everyone is exhausted

So we end our time with frozen yogurt to cool everyone off

This was truly the best walk in the park I can remember

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