Racial Slurs©


Racial Slurs©

Copyright© 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

Words easily roll off our tongues

Sometimes they aim for a target

Sometimes they go with the flow

Words can often sooth

But more often they hurt

They become a weapon

Leaving victims in their wake

Some who never forget

What’s been said

When words refer to race

Those words cut like a knife

The scars they leave are invisible

To the eyes of a racist

They see the pain they inflict

But they care not that you ache

They may care that someone else saw their hateful act

There will be no apology

If one comes it won’t be genuine

Years from now you may forgive

But you will never forget

So my advice to you now


To always think before you speak

The words that fall from your tongue

Will always be attached to you

The now, the past, and the future of you

If you don’t mean it

Don’t say it

Don’t even think it

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