Her One True Love©

Her One True Love©

Copyright 2015, 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

In defense of who and what I’ve come to be

I’ve had rearing

But no motherly affections

I trampled the neighborhood looking for others to love me

To tell me all the things I longed to hear

Many a woman


Many a man

Told me I had much to be proud of

But their words fell lifelessly upon my heart

For all I wanted was my mothers love


No matter my efforts

No matter my dedication

My love was not returned

Therefore determined was I not to love another

Until one day

My knight in shining Armour

Came upon me

He taught me what it was

To truly be loved by another

I then came to understand my

Dear mothers unhappy heart

For she was missing her

One true love

My duty now

As her oldest daughter

Was to find her love

To fill her heart

So that happiness

Would follow her for the rest of her days

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