The Taunting Fear©

Image result for running through the forest

The Taunting Fear©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

Smoldering embers burn on ahead

After we’ve all left our memories in the pit

Daring each other to be stronger than the next

Knowing that fear beckons at our heals as we run through the forest

Hoping the darkness doesn’t catch up with us

We wrestle with our pride

Daring others to show their hand

Knowing that each of us hide from the same fear

The darkness that taunts all of us as it nears

We gather huddled in the corner

Shame has followed us here

The forest holds on tight and won’t let go

Threatening to swallow us up and spit us out

With the sun suddenly on our back

The warmth of its rays heats us up

We awaken from the cold frost

Fear no longer lurking at our backs

Relief is upon us

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