The Fear of War Upon Our Shoulders©

Photo by Laurent Van Der Stockt/Gamma

The Fear of War Upon Our Shoulders©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

Each night as I lay my head upon my pillow

I wish for peace

I pray for peace

I dream of peace

I hope that none of us will ever know the war

That others have given their lives for

That others have survived to give life a new meaning

While mothers any still live through the torments that war has left them with

Pain and anguish felt by many

Men, women and children

We’ve come so far through the years

That working together should curb most fears

Fighting only sets us back

Making us take twice the steps to work our way back

I wish for a time of

No more fighting

No more war

No more fearing thy neighbor

Hoping against all hope that we can ALL come to an understanding

To help one another and respect each other

As we teach our children to love thy neighbor

We must lead by example and extend our hands

Not our weapons

The weapons we bear are only harmful when we choose to use them

May we all learn the value of all life forms

And cast aside all hatred and desire to cause harm

May the mistakes of our past shape a peaceful future

So that we no longer have the fear of war upon our shoulders

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