The Turkeys of Brookline

The Turkeys of Brookline©

Copyright 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

Brookline has many occupants

Some own homes spread out about town

Some rent as that is all they care to do

Some visit for a year or more attending school or doing research

 Some like to stop by for a short while

In that category falls our beloved Turkeys of Brookline

Who wander street by street

Block by block


House by House


I heard their cries

I could only wonder why

The pack of eight ruled our block

Construction workers were startled

As they unloaded their trucks to start their day

Drivers were competing for the road

With the somewhat seemingly intimidating clan of turkeys

Who were here to stay

The Turkeys of Brookline see our streets as their safe haven

Don’t fear their presence

They mean you no harm

They wander the streets no matter the weather

Looking for what

Only they know

Never seeming to find what they desire

They continue to wander

The Turkeys of Brookline

If you see them don’t holler

Just stand and watch

As they walk on by

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