Family Never Stays Gone©

Family Never Stays Gone©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

Ali and Rose

Ali and Rose Christmas Eve© 1998 Photo taken by Felina

No seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years

Measure the meaning of our love and dedication to one another

Sometimes we are bonded by blood

Sometimes by marriage or maybe love

Other times it can be by a single act of kindness

Which paves the way to a life-time connection

My family is larger than life

It represents all ages

And places

It carries all races

With all types of faces

Our hearts are big

Even when are pockets are empty

We extend our open hands

Hoping others will follow

Thinking just maybe

We’ll all see the other

As part of one big happy family

Till then

I’m happy knowing

That my family never stays gone

We travel near

We travel far

Just to see another’s smile

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