When I Was Young©

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When I Was Young©

Copyright 1998

By Felina Silver

I miss the time years ago when I use to be me

So care free and full of hope of what was yet to be

No problems of tomorrow

No pain from the years past

No doubts about the love of friends, family, or a lover

Just free to think of what it is to be free

When I was young I would escape away into the

World of words on paper

Each day different from the last

No telling what would happen next

No one to yell at me or to cause me pain

No one to report to

In my place everything was always happy and free of pain

What happened to this place you ask?

It was only there when I took a pen to paper as a child

Now I’ve grown up to see the world as it is

Realizing that we bring ourselves happiness in whatever way we can

So I continue my escape into this world of putting words on paper

Mind you the world outside is a better place

It is what we’ve made it, so there’s no excuse

We must find our own road to happiness as our future is in our own hands


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