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Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

The stars in the sky shine so brightly tonight

I wonder if I shout out my wish if they will carry it up to the heavens

I don’t want much,

I don’t need much

What I ask for isn’t even for me

It’s a worldly wish meant for all those who need it

My wish is just for fruitful lives for all those that deserve it

I wish for homes for all those who don’t have them

I wish for food on the table for all those who can’t find it for themselves

I wish for jobs for all those that are willing to work

I wish for happiness for all those that want to be happy

I wish for time for everyone to sit back and look at what they have and enjoy it

I wish for everyone to be thankful and grateful for their bountiful life

I thank you stars fr taking the time to listen to my wishes

I hope the next time I see you, it will be to thank you for carrying my wishes up to  the heavens

Good night star light, star bright, stars that shine so brightly tonight

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