Copyright 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

I sit waiting for the moment my buzzer goes off

The nurse will escort me through the brightly lit room

Of other terrified patients

The fear is not of what’s known to me

It’s because of the unknown

What I can’t control

What I won’t be able to see once they put me under

I fear the moments that will be lost to me forever

Once placed in my anesthesic hold 

I’m uncertain of who I will come to be

Where I’ve traveled

And just how long I’ll get to stay

This time

I know they’ll be a next

I know once again, that fear will be my timid companion

Beckoning me to remain it’s friend

I’ll fight the feeling

As I would much prefer to be happy 

With laughter by my side 

And giggles my que for departure from the brightly lit room 

That contains my fear

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