Our Good Old Boston Red Sox©


Our Good Old Boston Red Sox©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

Born to us in 1901 as the Boston Americans til 1907
Then reborn as the Boston Red Sox in 1908 til now
Since I was a little girl
I heard such stories
Some good, some bad
Some to be proud off, some to be ashamed of
7 time World Series Champions
Two of which have been during my life time
13 American League Pennants
7 East Division Titles
7 Wild Card Berths
8 retired numbers
Colors Red, Midnight Navy and white
John Henry
John Farrell
Ben Cherington
Larry Lucchino
All help to make things go just right
Team players stick together
They hold on tight
Hold on tight for the ride of their lives
Traveling near
Traveling far
Always hoping for a win
A win with style
A win with grace
A win that’s right on time
The team that can do almost anything
If things don’t fare we’ll
Just hold on for the ride
Because the next time, or the next time
They’ll treat you just right
Ad you’ll be glad that you too
Hung on for the ride of your life
One day
I too hope to be there
There on the field close and in sight
To see our beloved Red Sox
Play the game of their lives
For now I sit here on my sofa
Family in tow
Watching each pitch til the end of the show
Just glad to be here able to see them all
Playing the game that we all love
Making a record or two
Time and again we’ll see you through
There is nothing like our Red Sox
Don’t you see it too?


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