My Hideaway© – My Poem of the Day

my hideaway

“My Little Hideaway” by Hal Tenny (params)

My Hideaway©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

A small closet use to be my friend

Filled with clothes picked by others

The smell of cedar to keep the moths away

A pillow and a blanket neatly placed in a corner

A teddy bear

A couple of books

and A flashlight

Awaiting my next visit

Whenever I was sad or wanted to be alone

I ran to my hideaway

No one to bother me

Safe and sound

Fearing nothing and no one

I read my stories

and wrote in my diary

My hideaway became my best friend

Til one day my friends uncle took his own life

Guess where?

In a closet just like mine for me to find

Being young I feared the closet was now my enemy

That closet was coming for me

But why?

I’d done nothing

So why would my closet be mad at me?

From then on closets were no longer my friends

One night in the month of November

Fast asleep was I

Suddenly, there was no air to breathe

The room full of smoke

I found myself alone

I thought I wouldn’t make it

Somehow, I felt a hand of a man

This hand was not my fathers

This hand was not my brothers

But it led me safely from the house

I ran to my family

Happy to see that they were all safe

I turned back to the house

Where had he gone?

The man who had saved me was no where in sight

How would I thank him?

Then suddenly I realized it must be

My friends dear uncle

He must have come from within the wall of my closet

Left there to protect me

How grateful I was

But I must tell you

Closets are still not my friends

I sleep with my light on all through the night

Now my hideaway is under my covers atop my bed

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