Opinion: Playing Dirty on the Road to the White House

The Road to a Better Tomorrow© by Felina Silver Robinson

Thursday night Hillary Clinton made history as she accepted the official Democratic Nomination. She along with her chosen Vice Presidential candidate, Tim Kaine vowed to do right by our country. We all want to work together to “build a better tomorrow for our children”. This is an attainable goal should all those desiring its outcome put aside their petty difference and do the work that needs to be done.

Our future is at stake here. There is no time for throwing words that cut like swords at one another.  Donald Trump has been an outstanding business person and has accomplished more than most men and women. Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s presidential run as a Republican candidate hasn’t been as exemplary. There is reason for concern here, mostly because of Trump’s insatiable appetite for drama. There is no room in the Presidential office for “Sarcasm” that could potentially lead to the downfall of our blessed country.  A President must be taken seriously. Furthermore, there needs to be a continued professional decorum, which has lacked throughout much of Mr. Trump’s campaign. Despite Mr. Trump’s popularity among Republicans, it’s unimaginable that any Democrats would come around to his way of thinking. Certainly, you’ve been following  both sides of the campaign, therefore there is no need to repeat all the reasons there are to be concerned about Donald Trump.

While it’s understood that campaigns get dirty, voters both want and need the focus to be on the real issues ahead and just how we’ll face them.  But instead, we find ourselves wondering if Donald Trump is guilty of raping someone and wondering why there is no more being said about it. Instead, the focus was conveniently turned back to Hillary Clinton and yet another email scam with Mr. Trump suggesting that the “Russian’s hack into the system to find Hillary’s missing emails.” This after his many racially charged comments about various ethnic groups. Let’s not get started on his involvement about “Black Lives Matter.”

Now that both candidates have officially accepted their nominations and Hillary Clinton making history as the first female presidential candidate, the next four months should tell us many stories. Hopefully, voters will be able to sift through all the garbage and do the right thing for our country when November 8th rolls around.

Kudos to Bernie Sanders for his dedication and his willingness to come together as a team player to help the Democratic team present a united front.  This is the way politics should be working together for the common good of the people.

May all those involved in path to the Whitehouse remember what really matters and keep it clean for the sake of our children, who deserve the best each candidate has to offer the United States of America.  May the best man or woman prevail.

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