A Daughter Lost©

I think not of my own heart, but of yours when I tell the lie that covers your betrayal of his love. He’s admired you from afar since we were children. He was elated when you agreed to be his bride. I swallowed my pride and kept my love for you to myself. The years passed and you grew tired of his obsessive adoration that smothers you like a pillow placed firmly across your face. Your heart now belongs to another nameless face unknown to me. Our friendship slips slowly away for you feel overwhelming shame for all that I hold the key to. Despite your knowing that I would never tell another, you have vowed never again to face me. Despite your vow, still I will keep your secret! He will never know that the child you first bore was the one we shared together but carries his name. That is the real secret I shall forever hold in my heart 💜. A daughter who will never know her real father all because you couldn’t and wouldn’t love me.

A Daughter Lost©

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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