Immortal Love 💕 ©

Photo Immortal Love by Achala Upendran

He touched a heart that for centuries was meant for another not even of his kind. Her beauty and innocence overwhelmed his ability to control his own powers. He wasn’t expecting her intellect. Her power matched and quite possibly surpassed his own. Somehow, she was clueless to just what power she possessed but he was determined to show her. He feared if he didn’t someone would steal her power from her or abuse her for it. He would walk to the end of the earth just for a chance for her love. In the end, his persistence payed off and they battled their opposition together until their time on this earth was done. For years they shared happiness, experienced hardship and bigotry but knew and had a great unbreakable love for one another.

Immortal Love 💕 ©

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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