You are a flash of a past that I wish I could hold on to. Memories of moments when your touch woke something in me that feared its own longing. Never knowing what comes next. I fight the feelings that are tearing my heart up. The kiss you planted on my lips lingers. I smell your cologne dances about my neck. My body aches for your return. You left me sitting by the bay promising that you’d stay, but slipped away once I turned my back. You packed your things and we’re gone in a flash that became a past that I wish I could hold on to.

Why? is the question I ask myself. Where did I go wrong? Were my lips not supple enough? Was my neck not soft enough? Were my curves too much for you to handle? You tempted me away with all your promises only to desert me. Again, I ask myself why? Then I remember that you are now a flash from the past that I no longer want to hold onto.


Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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