The Emotion Called Hope©

Through my veins run the emotion called hope, which is key if we are to make it through the savagery of today’s open wound of a world. The impulsive chaos that no one wants to take responsibility for. The ever constant climb for political leadership. Fear that the wrong leaders may reign. Holding onto the fear that Mother Earth 🌍 doesn’t believe we hear her cries for help. Will we be too late to reassure her? Wildlife starts to confuse our homes for theirs as we continue to cross the line into theirs. Where does the line begin and end? There is still hope as long as there is still time time to repair the damage we as a society have created. Is there the emotion called hope running through your veins? If so, hope to it, take action. Time is running out!

The Emotion Called Hope©

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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