Your Lips©

Your Lips©

Copyright© 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

Each word that falls swiftly

From your abundantly supple lips

Bring a yearning to my heart

For what I once had with another

Now, his is gone

I stand here today watching you

With your beloved

With awe and admiration

While doubting my beauty and intellect

There was a time

When any man

Would dawn my doorstep

Begging for a stolen moment or two

Now I sit in wait to watch others

In the light that use to shine so brightly upon me

I cannot shed a tear

For I’ve had my time

But your lips

Bring back memories buried deep inside my heart

Where I thought no one

Could again reach or seek its affection

No I’m no longer certain I can keep my heart here

Begging for what it once knew

I fear now

That I will begin the hunt

For a new love to mend my lonely heart


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