Twisted Words©

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Twisted Words©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

I tell you what I need to say

I tell you what the people say


Within the next day

You’ve twisted every word I said

Nothing is right

Everything is wrong

I’m out

You’re in

Workers are angry

Customers are leaving

The community is up in arms

See what you’ve done

Don’t you know that I meant what I said

I’m here for the better good

I speak on behalf of the people

I’m not here for me

My job is to speak

My job is to listen

My job is to protect

My job is to lead

All of these things I’ve done with pride

You’ve stripped of my chance to

Move the company forward

So your workers

Have opted to come with me

Taking all of your business

Walking out the door

They’ll all come back

If you just listen to what they have to say


Give me back my power

Give them back their jobs

No punishments for the foul

All is good in love and war

You’ll see your customer

Come back and open the doors

All the works just want to be back on the job

But fairly and with clarity of all their demands

They’ll work as hard as you need them to

They’re dedicated for sure

Just don’t cross them again

Because they’ll go right back out the front door

Please just don’t twist their words once more

This poem was inspired by the past happenings

during the Market Basket Chaos

Here’s to wishing for continued success for all involved

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