♥It’s National Friendship Day (8/7/17)♥

Thank you to all those who consider themselves to be my friend

I’d like to say “Thank You for Being a Friend!”

Please enjoy some of my poems

(I hope you will also enjoy Andrew Gold’s song: Thank you for being a friend at the end of this post)

Friendship Poems by Felina

Friendship Does Not Discriminate©  ♥  Friends That Last©  ♥  Friends That Matter©

Friends©  ♥  Defining Friends©  ♥ Best Friends©

Friends In High Places©

Copyright 2014

by Felina Silver Robinson

My friends are in high places
Seated so high
One on the left and one on the right
They keep watch over plenty
They’re entrusted to rule the world
I’m not usually someone to follow
But this time I’ve chosen the path
I promised to be faithful
If you show me a thing or too
I will lead them to you quickly
But only if you’ll save them
And send them back to me
I have friends in high places
But it means nothing if I can’t trust them

Can I call you one?